Rochdale College
Temporary PREFACE

I prefer to write about good and pleasant things.  It is a nightmare that I have to research and write about motherfucking Rochdale College and the assholes who infested it.  But after all these decades of research that have made me the world's leading authority on the subject, I must eventually complete this definitive book on Rochdale College.
This website version of the book now has only this page and the chapters on Slang, Rochdale Roaches, and Yorkville Village because:
1) Cyber-Rochdalians posted unauthorized links to this website on the internet, and
2) Cyber-Rochdalians posted defamation and insults about me on my hijacked website

I have a long list of over 200 insults directed at me by motherfucking Rochdalians.  So don't you dare criticize me for defending myself against sleazy obnoxious phonies.  I truly want them dead, and I can't make it any clearer than that.

You parasitic ungrateful assholes now have no access to the best source of information about Rochdale College.  All my posts on Rochdale not on this website are also unavailable.

The title of the book will be changed to something like
"Rochdale College: North America’s largest drug distribution warehouse"

You are like thieving vultures who have hijacked my website and turned it into a fucking forum for shithead assholes to comment on my work and insult me.  I hate fucking forums and I will not allow my website to be used as one by motherfucking sleazy Cyber-Rochdalians.  Website hijacking is the blatant use of part or all of a website without permission.  The "piracy" or "theft" is a copyright violation and a serious crime.

Rochdale College died 40 years ago.  You are not from Toronto and you are not in Toronto now.  Wake up!  Rochdale is fucking dead.  Your brain must be dead for you to live in a bullshit fantasy about your imaginary version of Rochdale College.  All you ever did in Rochdale was sell drugs and have a good time.  Wherever you are now, I suggest you sell drugs, have a good time, and forget about fucking dead Rochdale College.

Most of what you phonies know about Rochdale College you learned from my writing.  You didn't know who the fuck Ed Apt was until I wrote "The Life and Art of Edward Apt".  Most of what you know about Rochdale and Yorkville Village you learned from me, but you hate and resent me for it.  Well, I hate you for stealing my work, not giving me credit, taking me for granted, and then insulting me for writing the truth instead of the old Rochdale lies and your bullshit fantasies.  I will have my revenge regarding this. 

My most recent encounter with someone claiming to be from Rochdale happened in 2014.  He was a stranger buying an electronic unit from me.  Several times in my home he talked about drugs and drug dealing, but I just ignored it and gave him a look of disapprobation.  The strangest thing was that he talked too much about Rochdale, but everything he said obviously came from my book here.  It was bullshit, because he got a few things wrong, and they were things we don't get wrong if we experience them.  He was a complete fucking phoney who gave me the creeps and made my skin crawl.  Except for this swine, I haven't met a motherfucking Rochdalian asshole in decades.  I did not write this book to enable phonies to masquerade as Rochdalians or Yorkville Villagers.  Get off my website.  Stay away from me.  Drop dead.

In my research I have tons of "dirt" on motherfucking Rochdalians, including murders by Don Fergusson and cocaine dealing in Rochdale by Lionel Douglas, Jay Boldizsar, and others.  Peyton Brien had homosexual incest with his young son.  Asshole scumbag Bob Allen had sex with a very underage girl in Rochdale.  Police informer Alex MacDonald tried to strangle me to death.  There will be dozens of Rochdale criminals exposed and destroyed.  It's already in my book, but will not be published in this website version.

I have traveled around the world and Rochdale College was the sleaziest shit hole I ever encountered.  The residents were the sleaziest phonies I have ever met.  After experiencing Yorkville Village, Greenwich Village, and Haight-Ashbury, I must write that Rochdale was shit in comparison.  There were never any authentic hippies in Rochdale.  They were hicks, sucky student "filler", sleazy obnoxious phonies, and "ugly American" tourists.  Rochdale was never fashionable, "hip" or the "in" place to be.  It was known only as a notorious drug store, and nothing else.  All my neighbours in the Annex appreciated Yorkville Village as a fashionble entertainment district and tourist attraction.  But they hated Rochdale because it was merely an illicit drug store.  The closer they lived to Rochdale, the more they hated it.  Drug customers tolerated Rochdale, but even they didn't like the shit hole.  By late 1970 I hated Rochdale and wanted it closed like everybody else in Toronto.

What would Rochdale have been like if there was no drug dealing?  It would have been completely different, most likely similar to Tartu and Neill-Wycik.  There would have been no front page news about drug busts, which means Rochdale would have been unknown.  Canadian hicks and "ugly American" tourists would not have learned about it, so the residents would have been U of T students and workers from Toronto.  With no drug dealing, there would have been relatively little drug use by the tenants.  Neill-Wycik is still there, and Rochdale College would probably still be functioning as a student residence if there had been no drug dealing.

In the entire history of Rochdale College only six individuals contributed anything worthwhile:  Judy Merril, Ed Apt, Laurie Peters, Dan McCue, Cindy Lei, and Mike Donaghy.  99% of the people who lived in Rochdale contributed absolutely nothing.  At least 25% were destructive as drug dealers, thieves, and rioters.  The elitist pigs were meaningless bourgeois bossy bureaucrats who were the "enemy within".   It is insane for the sleazy obnoxious phonies called Rochdalians to be proud of Rochale College, because they were insignificant at best, and often destructive.

This website was created primarily for me as a convenient research archive to write my book.  Its secondary purpose was a public service, to educate those interested in Rochdale College.  But instead my website and myself have been abused by motherfucking sleazy Cyber-Rochdalians who imagine that anything Rochdale belongs to them.  I can still use all of this website, but you cannot.  If there are any changes, it will be to remove the Slang, Rochdale Roaches, and Yorkville Village chapters.  Nothing else, although I may add more defamation to this page.  I give access to "Rochdale Roaches" because the photos were kindly supplied by Peter Davey, so don't rip them off.  They are owned by Peter Davey and the captions are there to deface the photos, not to amuse.

On July 8, 2014 I deleted the large photographic chapter here about the people in Rochdale College because I noticed a disturbingly dishonest attack on me on the internet by Max Douglas, the son of Lionel Douglas.  He uses the name "Sam Salgood".  Here is what he wrote:

Salgood Sam: "Lots of cool resources, but it's not just Wolf's prose that gets weird, frankly had a few dealings with him online, he started sending me lengthy letters about all the "fakes and phonies" at Rochdale, i asked him to stop and he flew off into crazy town, had to block him. Frankly he's a dick."

I have no interest whatsoever in Lionel or Max Douglas and never contacted Salgood Sam.  He joined my Facebook group "Rochdale College Scholars Club" (twice) and sent me a message about his father, whom I did not know.  I did not contact him, he contacted me.  Because it was my Facebook group I was obligated to respond, and I was polite and courteous.  The word "fake" is not in my vocabulary in this context, I've never been to "crazy town", he never asked me to stop anything, and my cock (blacks have dicks) is a monster – there are many photos of it on the internet.  Salgood Sam is a two-faced malignant swine who cannot be trusted.  The carefully researched truth I have published may seem "weird" to bullshitter Salgood Sam, but it remains the truth.  With the goofy name of Salgood Sam, this shithead cartoonist has the nerve to call me "weird", as he insults and lies about me.  Salgood Sam is a fucking liar I want dead.

Why these fucking lies from the son of a bossy asshole who did not live in Rochdale?  Lionel Douglas was an elitist pig outsider in Rochdale where he sold drugs and was an extremely destructive influence because of his stupid arbitrary decisions, support and promotion of drug dealing, and deceit.  In a TV video this scumbag drug dealer says that he is anti-drugs and many dealers were recently evicted from Rochdale – at a time when he was dealing drugs in Rochdale.  Cocaine was banned in Rochdale, but Lionel sold cocaine in Rochdale.  He also allowed Billy Littler and Don Fergusson on Rochdale Security to sell a lot of cocaine in Rochdale.  The drug corruption gets much worse, but there is no space here to explain it.  Lionel Douglas was a smarmy corrupt demagogue on GovCon, but the only reason for his frequent visits to Rochdale was to make a living selling illicit drugs.  My exposé of the motherfucking drug dealer will make his name synonymous with shit.

Asshole Salgood Sam takes after his father.  He is an outrageous liar and my wish is that he soon joins his father in Hell.  I truly want him dead.  I will rip the fucking faces off him and his evil father to expose their deceit and arrogant bullshit.  It is insane for Salgood Sam to join Facebook Rochdale groups as a Cyber-Rochdalian, because he did not live in Rochdale and he was not even born when Rochdale opened.  His phoniness, arrogant ignorance and presumption are astonishing.  If Salgood Sam ever publishes lies about me again I will track him down and smash his ugly face into a pulp.

The tiny bit I know about Salgood Sam strongly suggests he is a cocksucker.  His facebook messages also suggested he is a cocksucker.  Even his dishonest post about me suggests he is a cocksucker, considering his last word is "dick".  That's essentially a Freudian slip.  I can easily verify that he is a cocksucker when I have the time, but I do believe he is one.  If Salgood Sam is a cocksucker I will have a field day destroying him with vicious sickening defamation.   I successully have destroyed cocksuckers Don Holyoak, Reg Hartt, and other cocksuckers who fucked with me.  On the internet they are now rightly known as cocksuckers, which ruins their reputations and job prospects.  The strange thing is usually when the cocksuckers see photos of my monster cock on the internet, they don't care about the defamation.

Salgood Sam had nothing to do with Rochdale and knows only what he reads about it.  He cannot spell "hippie" properly, and neither he nor his scumbag father lived in Rochdale.  Apparently he believes he is Rochdale Royalty for being the son of a destructive asshole who did not live in Rochdale and is responsible for destroying Rochdale by deciding to stop mortgage payments.  But Salgood Sam has picked up on the general concensus of the hicks, sleazy obnoxious phonies, and "ugly American" tourists called Rochdalians that my correct assessment is so very true it will destroy the motherfucking assholes.  Their only real "contribution" to Rochdale College was selling drugs and having a good time.  My contribution is the definitive book on Rochdale College.  Lionel and Max Douglas to me are fucking creeps with shit for brains.  I am very pleased that Lionel is fucking dead and I wish the same for his malicious shithead son.

Basically my motto is:  Don't fuck with me or I will destroy you.

My grandfather John L. Sullivan, who helped raise me, was a boxer.  His uncle "The Great" John L. Sullivan (1858-1918) was the first Heavyweight Champion of gloved boxing and was the last Heavyweight Champion of bare-knuckle boxing.  He was the greatest boxer in history, the first millionaire professional athlete in the USA.  No, you don't want to fuck with me because you are trash, not in the same league with me.

I should not have to spell this out to you, but I chose the pen name Wolf for a reason.  As author of the non fiction book "The Wolf" and also spokeswolf for the "Wolf Anti-Defamation League" I am one of the world's leading authorities on the greatest predator in the world.  If you fuck with a wolf, it is a form of suicide.  You will be destroyed.

I will destroy Max Douglas, Salgood Sam, or whatever the fuck his name is.  His slimey father is the easiest target I can think of, but I'll have to do some research on his bastard cocksucker son.

How does this effect me personally?  Not at all – I am completely detached and it's just "field" research for me.  I have learned that Salgood Sam is a dishonest asshole and that's what I write.  Actually I am a gentle and sensitive vegetarian pacifist.  But when a man behaves like Pollyanna everybody thinks he is a wimp and walks all over him.  So to survive as a non fiction writer in the real world sometimes I must be the Lone Wolf – an agent of karma who destroys evil.  Do I think Lionel and Max are evil?  Yes.  Do I really want them dead?  Yes.  Do I care what you or anybody thinks about it?  No.  My conscience is clear, but it would not be if I did nothing.

I am sick of the motherfucking internet and have no interest in providing free websites and free Guides for ungrateful assholes to read.  Now I only write books to sell.

Since the original page that took me over 100 hours to create was deleted and not backed up, it is lost forever.  Here is what was written here a year or so ago.  A lot is over the top, but you can sense my hatred of Rochdalians is genuine.  I don't care what Rochdalians think of my book, because it's not written for them.  If they find the truth in this book offensive, I don't give a shit.  I had no genuine friends in Rochdale, and I never want to see any of them ever again.

All the "friends" I had in Rochdale betrayed me.  The phoniest thing about them was their "friendship".  I hate everything they represent and would be ashamed to be in their company.  Except for my very best friend Allan Brison, who appears several times in this book, all the so-called friends in my life used me and betrayed me.  Allan Brison delivered his own two daughters.  Then he educated them himself.  The only school his daughters ever attended was university.  I am very lucky to have Allan Brison as a friend.

I am nauseated that Stuart Henderson, a shithead academic who was not born when Rochdale existed, is stealing my work and is being helped by the sleazy obnoxious phonies known as Rochdalians.  You motherfuckers have not helped me with this book, but YOU HAVE INTERFERED WITH MY WORK AND INSULTED ME.  I promise all of you scumbags who help Stuart Henderson steal my work that I will destroy you.  I have a lot of experience doing it, I know who you are, I want you dead, I know exactly where to stick the knife in, and I will enjoy destroying you motherfucking swine!  Karma is a bitch, and you will get what you deserve for fucking with me and stealing my work.

Over a year ago I complained loudly to the Canadian government about it financing ignorant Henderson's theft and plagiarism of my copyrighted work.  My lawyer will continue this litigation against shithead Henderson.  So Yuppie egomaniac and police informer Alex MacDonald, facially deformed hick Jocelyne Roillard, and you other assholes helping Henderson, don't get your hopes up about being immortalized in his book.  What you can expect is demonization by me in my definitive book on Rochdale that will destroy you for all recorded history.  Facially deformed?  Yes.  She belongs in a fucking freak show.  Don't expect any mercy or kindness from this lone wolf.  I will give you only the truth.

My advice for you evil motherfuckers supporting the theft of my work is to contact shithead Henderson and demand that he remove you from his plagiarized book.  Otherwise, I can assure you that you will deeply regret not doing so for the rest of what's left of your life.   I will destroy Rochdale once and for all, but most of you druggie alcoholic phonies will be dead by the time it is published.  Knowing you will soon be dead gives me great comfort.  Your inevitable death is the only encouragement from you to motivate me to finish my book.  I will shit on your graves.

"Rochdale College" is a non fiction book about the notorious neo-hippie subculture in Rochdale College located in Toronto.  It was the last bastion of the 1960's hippie movement which died in 1970, although Rochdale stumbled on as a hippie drug store until 1975.  The slummy high rise shit hole was an anachronism, or almost so because no authentic hippies ever lived there.  It was a drugs and alcohol hedonistic subculture that was entirely based on drug dealing.  The book is an exposé of the hicks, sleazy obnoxious phonies and "ugly American" tourists who called themselves Rochdalians.  Most tenants were "filler", students and workers who paid their rent but did not get involved in the so-called college.  There was no education in Rochdale College, which was controlled and grossly mismanaged by bourgeois elitist pigs right out of Orwell's "Animal Farm".  Virtually none of them were from Toronto, which they remained completely ignorant about.

They called themselves Rochdalians and hippies.  But real hippies in the 1960's hated the word "hippie" and never used it, they had an aversion to educational institutions, hated alcohol, did not use drugs habitually, and constantly flashed the "V" finger peace sign.  Rochdalians used only the "bird" finger sign, which means "fuck you".  Most Rochdalians  were alcoholic druggies, stoned and drunk every day.  The "college" was not merely non-egalitarian, it was a fucking monarchy with what Ed Apt called a "hip hierarchy".  To summarize, Rochdale College was a drug store inhabited by hicks, deadbeats, and Americans who imagined they were hippies.  Many looked superficially like 1960's hippies, but they were less convincing than plainclothes cops.  Rochdale was a shit hole best described as a pathological and perverted caricature of 1960's Hippyism, an idealist movement that died in 1970.  Rochdalians were so un-hip they were never aware that Hippyism was dead.  The only thing remotely "hip" about Rochdale was drug dealing.  As for education, the only thing the phonies and assholes learned in Rochdale College was how to sell drugs and how to be a Rochdalian.  There was some "Arts & Crafts" and publishing, but nothing that is considered formal education.

Of course there were many very fine people who lived in Rochdale such as U of T students and workers known as "filler" and "tightasses" to Rochdalians.  Plus some of the Rochdalians were decent admirable people.  Judy Merril, Ed Apt, Dan McCue, Mike Donaghy, Laurie Peters, and Cindy Lei were the best.  Mike Donaghy was a John Lennon clone at first and Judy Merril was too sweet and optimistic – she called herself a "Pollyanna warrior".  But these were not faults, they were good and virtuous characteristics.            

The actual book is very different from this internet version.  Half of what is on this website is completely irrelevant to the book.  The catalogues and other shit were just window dressing for the so-called college.  I focus on the reality that Rochdale was merely a residence where too many drug dealers worked.  Everything else in Rochdale was motherfucking bullshit, a de facto front for the drug dealing.

The entries here are left-overs from the research of two of my other books, and they must be rewritten as chapters.  Currently they are written as internet entries, sometimes deliberately meant to shock, outrage and amuse.  There is some profanity occasionally, and this will be dealt with during the rewrite.  That does not necessarily mean there will be less shocking content and profanity, but it will be much more effective.  No attempt will be made to make the book conventional, bourgeois and polite, because Rochdale College was not.  It's an exposé, and my job is to reveal the truth about Rochdale College.
I'm working on another book before this one, so the book will not be published until after 2014.  In fact, it may not be published for many years.  I hate the topic of Rochdale and I avoid writing books that don't sell.  Ideally I want to wait until all the motherfucking Rochdalian assholes are dead before I publish.  That's my only incentive.  It's no loss for me, because I have already written a large chapter on Rochdale in my book "The Life and Art of Edward Apt" and my non fiction historical novel "A Wolf Among Sheep" is half about Rochdale.

Although this book is about Rochdale College, it is not for cheap and trashy Rochdalians to read for free.  The book was researched and written for intelligent readers who buy books.  It is like a book about Nazis.  I hate Nazis but I can still write about them and I don't want them reading what I write – I want them dead.  If you are a Rochdalian fuck off and get out of my website!

The finished book when published for sale will have twice as much information as this free internet version, but there will be no photos. 
What follows is a temporary Preface that only explains what I will be doing and how I feel about this work.  It's just a sequence of vicious rants that will not be part of the book.  Basically I elaborate on the fact that Rochdale College was extremely sleazy and phoney, and most residents were Canadian hicks and American foreigners and tourists who didn't have a clue about Toronto, bohemianism, or much else.  What they understood was drugs, drug dealing, and bullshit.  They were phonier and sleazier than the so-called college.

At this time I have no intention of ever adding anything more to this free internet version of my book.  There may be deletions and minor changes.  This internet book was a mistake because it is mostly used by the enemy  –  the few remaining Rochdalians known for their bullshit and ungrateful sleaze.  They are not the market for this or any other book, and I don't want them reading my book.  I want them dead.  However, this internet book will help advertise my "Rochdale College" book when it is published, probably in 2014.

Why am I so critical of most Rochalians?  The reason is for 15 years I researched and wrote "Great Vegetarians", a book about hundreds of famous vegetarians in history.  Everybody included in this book was a superior human being who accomplished something important enough to make them famous for centuries.  Now I'm researching druggie alcoholic deadbeats whose only goal was to have a good time.  They were sleazy obnoxious phonies with shit for brains.  Not one was in the same league as those in "Great Vegetarians".   Not Judy Merril, not Ed Apt, none of them.  They were all trash in comparison.  I will never write another book about insignificant assholes such as Rochdalians.

I understand perfectly how former Rochdalians and current Cyber-Rochdalians think and feel about my book about Rochdale College.  It's a similar situation to when I researched and wrote "Great Vegetarians" decades ago.  There is a cult of
Vegetarians who are very organized and are responsible for converting most vegetarians with their propaganda.  Vegetarians will tell you they became vegetarian for ethical or health reasons.  No.  Most were converted by dishonest vegetarian propaganda.  To research and write my book I had to put up with a lot of crap from Vegetarians:  vegetarian "leaders", vegetarian societies and associations, and individuals who were deeply concerned about my work. 

How did I react?  I told one vegetarian author who tried to exploit and advise me, "Go fuck yourself, or better yet go fuck the animals you pretend to love so dearly."  That got rid of him and word got around, so the asshole Vegetarians did not fuck with me anymore.  Most were quite nice.  When I lived in India I interviewed the Dalai Lama for two weeks and he was OK.  The worst were the vegetarian "leaders".  They knew I wasn't writing propaganda and that I had contempt for them because they were no different from bossy elitist pigs anywhere.  When the President of the British Vegetarian Society complained about what I was writing, I told him, "I can't stand you or your dreary little island.  You are a pretentious cocksucker and I don't give a shit what you think about anything."

I'm just writing the truth.  Because I'm not a Rochdalian, I never bullshit.  Brian Grieveson, for example, is a druggie alcoholic and redneck hick.   He was never a hippie.  That's the truth.  Do you think I enjoy writing bad things about people I knew?  No.  But I must write the truth.  And the truth is I never respected anyone in Rochdale College anywhere near as much as I respect myself.  Furthermore, because of Rochdale's extremely bad reputation I cannot be associated with it in any way.  To write about it, I must destroy it.  A few individuals such as Ed Apt, Judy Merril, and Laurie Peters made huge contributions to Rochdale College, and I write about that with positive enthusiasm.  But most Rochdalians did absolutely nothing for Rochdale but destroy it by drug dealing.  The sleazy obnoxious phonies in Rochdale have my absolute contempt, and I am perfectly comfortable criticizing and destroying them with the truth.  

That's the good news about my book – it is the truth based on my personal experiences and thorough research that has taken many years to compile.  I don't care if you prefer bullshit fantasies written by people who never lived in Rochdale or were not even born then.  As the Romans said, "Vincit veritas" – the truth prevails.  I was never a Rochdalian, I always hated the Rochdale bullshit ethos, and I will not be associated with Rochdale College.  My goal with this book is to expose and destroy Rochdale College.  Period.  If any motherfuckers get in my way they will be destroyed.

The fact that I always write the truth is why most Rochdalians hate me.  As Bob Hope said, "People don't want to hear the truth."  George Bernard Shaw wrote, "The man who always tells the truth will surely be hanged."   Rochdale ran on bullshit.  The so-called "college" bullshitted about its non-existent education, which was as phoney as the fake diplomas it sold.  The elite were the worst bullshitters, and Rochdalians loved their bullshit.  Yuppie egomaniac Alex MacDonald, who really lived in Neill-Wycik, never shut up with his incessant bullshit.  Brian Grieveson wrote bullshit.  Kevin O'Leary and all the other elitist parasites constantly bullshitted.  There was more bullshit in Rochdale College than dope.  But you won't get any bullshit from me, so go ahead and hate me for writing the truth.  I'm in very good company for telling the truth, and you bullshitters can go to Hell.     

There will not be much more added to this website for a while.  It's too late now, but I never should have created this website meant for educational purposes as well as to promote my book.  I did not know that Stuart Henderson, an academic who was born years after Rochdale closed, is writing a book on Rochdale College funded by a Canadian government grant.  Although he never lived there, Henderson's premise is Rochdale was "hip separatism".  Since Henderson is writing about a time before he was born, he must rely on other people for ideas.  His "hip separatism" was stolen from paragraph 9 of my "An Idiot's Guide to the History of Rochdale College".  The stealing of ideas is copyright infringement, a felony.

The fundamental rule is to write what you know, but Henderson knows nothing.  He will search through my documents and writings on this website for evidence to support his "hip separatism" premise.  I contacted him and told him he was an ignorant "idiot", his basic premise is "foolish bullshit", and not to steal my research.   Academics cannot write properly.   After all the school shit they endure, their writing is stilted, pretentious and unreadable for most people.  So not many people will read his unreadable book, and ironically Henderson is an academic expert on Pop Culture who cannot communicate in a Pop way.

Unfortunately, some Rochdalians are helping Henderson with his book to promote themselves.  Nobody has helped me with this book.  What does that tell you about motherfucking scumbag Rochdalians?  It tells me that Henderson will write the senile bullshit they tell him, but Rochdalians know I can smell their bullshit and will expose it and them.  Rochdalians generally hate me because I write the truth and do not share their bullshit fantasies about Rochdale.  Sorry, my dears, but I grew up in the Rochdale area.  No, I'm not a Canadian hick nor an American tourist who first learned about Rochdale from the media like you did.  What I am is the world's leading authority on Rochdale College.  This book is evidence of that fact.

I am curious about what bullshit Alex MacDonald has to say in Henderson's book.  The motherfucking Yuppie egomaniac lived in Neill-Wycik, not Rochdale, and is responsible for destroying Rochdale.  He was probably the most evil of the elitist pigs in the Rochdale Animal Farm, certainly the most despicable and traitorous villain, comparable to Orwell's Napoleon character.  All he ever did was take shitty photographs, boss everybody around, and shoot off his mouth in a constant display of verbal diarrhea.  When this book is published Alex MacDonald will be dead in the water and nobody will ever listen to his bullshit again.  It will be a great pleasure for me to destroy that mouthy malignant bullshitter and make him shut up.  The pen is mightier than the sword, and MacDonald will wish I had used a knife instead.  I will also severely "punish" in writing all those who help shithead Stuart Henderson.  Why?  Because I can and I always do what is best.  There's nothing you can do about it but suffer, assholes.  You are too fucking senile to realize that it is evil for you to help Henderson.  Rochdalians who are reading this, get the fuck out of my book!  You nauseate me and I did not research and write it for sleazy Rochdalian phonies.

It is very easy to accurately predict what Stuart Henderson's book about Rochdale will be.  Firstly, he is not interested in a comprehensive understanding of Rochdale.  No.  Although Henderson was not born when Rochdale existed and has not researched it, he has concluded Rochdale College was "hip separatism".  He is obsessed with "hip", which he is not and does not understand.  It's quite amusing the way he misuses the word.  Because he is totally ignorant about Rochdale, he will interview a small percentage of the same Rochdale assholes who bullshitted in the two Rochdale books published in the late 1980's.  The only difference is over 25 years have passed, they have nothing new to say, and their memories are shot.  Their motivation is self-aggrandizement, to glorify themselves with bullshit in a book.  However, Henderson's book will not be like "Dream Tower" or "Rochdale: the Rundown College".  The content will be a pale shadow of them, but the book will be unreadable for most people.  That's because Stuart Henderson is a motherfucking academic who cannot write properly.  Everything is dry and dead, with no attempt to bring the writing to life.  There will be stilted and pretentious writing, big words, incomprehensible words and ideas, plus countless fucking footnotes.  It would make more sense if he wrote it in Latin.

Will Stuart Henderson's book about Rochdale be popular?  No.  The reason is Henderson is an ignorant bore who cannot write properly for the masses.  To give you an example, if you do a Google search for "Yorkville Village" you will not find Stuart Henderson's book on Yorkville on the first page.  As usual, the Wikipedia entry is first.  Second comes my chapter on Yorkville from this internet book.  My chapter is extremely popular, but Henderson's ignorant crap is not.  Nobody can fathom it because he never understood Yorkville.  Although I only have a large chapter, it is infinitely better with more accurate and relevant content than Henderson's book.  Plus it is entertaining with dozens of photos.  Unlike his book, my chapter has no errors because I lived there but Henderson was not born then.  It will be the same for his Rochdale book.  I have already published the definitive account of Rochdale here, although it is only half finished.  This book will mop the floor with whatever Henderson publishes.

The other obstacle for this book are Cyber-Rochdalians,  a small cult of former Rochdalians on the internet.  They are on Facebook, and cannot function as a cult elsewhere.  Most didn't know each other in Rochdale, and they discuss events that happened in Rochdale years before their tenancy.  Their memories are shot, they are useless to me for research, and they actively interfere with my work on this Rochdale book.  My advice to the geriatric Facebook Cyber-Rochdalians is to realize that we can't go back.  Time has a direction: forward.   Wallowing in the past is the most foolish waste of time.  Rochdale College died 40 years ago, and it's extremely annoying for me to read incorrect bullshit from Facebook Cyber-Rochdalians who are not from Toronto and not in Toronto now.  It completely nauseates me and has an enormous impact on the writing of this book.  They constantly remind me that most Rochdalians were sleazy obnoxious phonies.

A case in point is Brian J. Grieveson, who wrote a dreadful unresearched booklet about Rochdale in 1991 titled "Rochdale College: Myth and Reality".  It contains mostly bullshit with many errors.  Brian Grieveson states in the first paragraph that he first moved into Rochdale "in the fall of 1972".  On his Facebook page he claims he moved into Rochdale in 1970.  How can that be?  According to another book by Grieveson, he was not in Canada in 1970 or 1971.  Why the bullshit?  Because Brian J. Grieveson is a phoney.  He was never a hippie, just a very confused druggie and alcoholic.  He cannot even spell "hippie" properly.  Grieveson misspells it "hippy", which means too much flesh on the hips.  The sleazy parasite never paid rent in Rochdale, just crashed in EdCon space where he was a drug dealer.  His neighbour Art Jacobs said, "Brian is so burned out."  He ripped me off for $200.

Today Grieveson imagines he was a founding father of Rochdale, when in fact he was a sleazy late comer parasite who used free EdCon space to sell drugs and never contributed anything to Rochdale.  Nothing.  Not a single entry in the Tuesdaily from this so-called writer.  The last time I saw Grieveson was 25 years ago and he was definitely a redneck from living among rednecks.  Now he is a redneck hick druggie alcoholic.  In his burnt out senility he may actually believe that he was part of what he has read about Yorkville Village that I have written.  Many Rochdalians are phonies like that.  Most likely Grieveson chose the year 1970 as "evidence" that he was somehow part of Yorkville Village, which was never the case.  Grieveson was living in Hamilton back then.  He is re-inventing himself with lies and has joined the Yorkville facebook group as yet another Rochdale phoney who was never there.

Actually Brian Grieveson and I made up after the building closed, and he sort of repaid his debt to me when we worked on the "Rochdale" underground paper and for his hospitality when I visited him in Haliburton in 1987.  But this book is about Rochdale College.  Most of the time in Rochdale I hated Grieveson intensely for ripping me off.  This is not a book about after Rochdale, so I must display or imply my hatred for Grieveson in Rochdale.  He deserves it.  Like Don Holyoak, Reg Hartt, and many others, Brian Grieveson is attempting to reinvent Rochdale and reinvent himself for reasons of personal aggrandizement.  Holyoak was a gay teeny bopper ward of the Children's Aid Society in Rochdale for a few months in 1969.  He did fuck all.  Hartt was a nerdy capitalist who did not live in Rochdale, but exploited it to make a living showing his movies and hard core porn.  He did not pay rent for the second floor Lounge he monopolized.  Brian Grieveson was a sleazy druggie and alcoholic parasite who did not pay rent, but crashed in free EdCon space where he was a drug dealer.  That is the truth, and that is what goes in the book, not bullshit.

A good example of Grieveson's bullshit happened the first day I visited him in 1987.  He asked me to paint a bedroom floor, which I did.  A few hours later a neighbour dropped by and Brian told him that he had painted the floor.  I was there when he lied about painting the floor himself, and he bullshitted like that habitually.  In his Rochdale booklet about the "Unknown Student" sculpture there is no mention of Ed Apt, only "Dale" Heinzerling.  Grieveson stole the incorrect "Dale" from David Sharpe's book.  Grieveson wrote that the "Unknown Student" weighs 2000 pounds.  It was just a number he made up.  In fact, the sculpture weighs about 500 pounds according to Ed Apt, Derek Heinzerling, Alan Reed, and Brian Johnson.  They designed, created and installed the sculpture, and I interviewed all of them for my book "The Life and Art of Edward Apt".

Grieveson's most obvious written bullshit is the fictional stories he has made up about Cindy Lei and himself.   Cindy was my next door neighbour and she was not Brian Grieveson's friend.  But Grieveson treats her like his fucking Siamese twin and has fabricated stories about their many adventures together.  I believe that when he came across historical information for his writing he didn't simply report it, but made up bullshit stories about Cindy and himself to explain it.  Obviously he thought that Cindy is dead and cannot contradict him, but I certaintly can.   Brian Grieveson is a bullshitter and a shitty writer with an illiterate "Fun with Dick and Jane" writing style.  I hate reading bullshit and bad writing, which is what I had to do to learn the truth about Grieveson.

Then there is "ugly American" tourist Christine Hall.  In one of the Rochdale Facebook groups she wrote, "One thing we should never lose sight of is the knowledge that we were a part of one of the hippest and coolest spontaneous events in the history of our species."  What motherfucking bullshit!  It's a perfect example of one of the things I hated about the sleazy obnoxious phonies in the high rise hick town.  Rochdalians thought they were so fucking hip, the hippest in the world –  but they didn't have a clue about anything outside Rochdale, especially the city of Toronto.  Rochdale was a sleazy drug store, tolerated by drug customers, but hated by everybody else in Toronto.  It was never fashionable, "hip" or "cool" and neither was Hall.  She bullshits about her work and accomplishments in Rochdale, but there is absolutely no evidence of any of it.  The only evidence of Christine Hall being in Rochdale is one photograph from a newspaper that shows she did not belong in Rochdale College.  She looks extremely straight, more straight than Judy Keeler if you can believe it.  Both these bourgeois American bullshitters are quite similar.   On Facebook they both brag about their self-important bullshit fantasies in Yorkville Village and Rochdale College.  But I don't remember them in Rochdale because of their insignificance.  I never saw them at GovCon or EdCon meetings, parties, or anywhere.

A Canadian hick from the wasteland of Newfoundland in a Rochdale Facebook group has posted insulting bullshit about me on Facebook.  Her name is Cindy Ellison Boyko.  Yes, an inconsequential "goofy Newfie" hick I've never heard of before is insulting me personally because I don't share her bullshit fantasies about Rochdale.  She looks decades too young to have been in Rochdale, so she must be a fake.  Where is her book?  What has she ever done for Rochdale?  She is a shithead parasite attacking me and my work.  Boyko lives over 2000 miles away from Toronto.  Why doesn't this ignorant swine just fuck off and drop dead?  I don't want this malignant cunt reading my book.  What I want is to rip her fucking face off and flush her down the toilet.

Since publishing the above paragraph, several Rochdalians have jumped on the bandwagon to insult me.  Elitist swine Walter Dmytrenko is to blame, because he now leads the sheep.  But I'm the fucking wolf and I will destroy them all.  Peyton Brien wrote that I am "silly".  OK, Peyton, you have just given me permission to tell the world you had an incestuous sexual relationship with your young son Kareem.  Unfortunately, I witnessed the unspeakable crime and was threatened with death and stalked by a gang of petty criminals for several years.  It would take a book to explain the Hell I went through being stalked.  Several times I was deliberately hit by cars and stalkers moved into the building where I lived to spy on me.  Peyton and Marcia's faces turned beet red with embarassment, but I really didn't care at all and ordinarily would never have mentioned this to anybody.  But I cannot overlook death threats and being stalked for years.  They even followed me into the showers when I went swimming and said, "My people are watching you."

Peyton seemed to understand that I didn't care and nothing changed between us.  However, his gossip monger girlfriend Marcia Shitword loved to gossip about the sex lives of others and assumed I did also.  She was terrified because I was a major threat to her, she broke up with Peyton, and thereafter was always hostile and very insulting to me.  Marcia had a perpetual smirk of hip smugness on her face and considered herself the hippest of the hip "Queen of the Underground". She did not want to lose that delusional position, so she started a campaign of character assassination against me.  Marcia was the worst gossip monger in Rochdale, always malicious, cruel and evil.  I knew how to deal with gossip mongers and simply "put her on" as we said in the 1960's.  I told her outrageous lies and she never got it, or the humour, but gossiped about the bullshit, which always came back to me.  I just laughed.  A complete druggie, Marcia once said,"I take acid regularly.  It's very healthy, because it clears the cobwebs out of my brain."  I imagined her vacuous and cavernous empty head festooned with cobwebs.  Listening to Marcia babble on about her idiotic ideas made me dizzy.  I have a clear conscience when I write about that evil and criminal shithead cunt.  She was a habitual kleptomaniac who believed that stealing was "hip".

It was Marcia and her puppet Mad Mary Stephens Jr. who made the death threats and organized the stalking.  Both these aging teeny boppers confused crime with hippyism.  They thought stalking was "hip" and the actual stalking was done by their neo-Rochdalian "friends".  I do not think Peyton was involved because he was not in Toronto and was possibly unaware of it.  The best solution is to publisize crimes like incest and stalking.  No, I am not silly but Peyton Brien is a criminal pervert of the worst kind who had sex with his young son.  I should have reported him and Marcia to the authorities when it happened, and they would have been imprisoned and deported.  Now it's ancient history, something for me to report and get off my chest.  I feel much better and safer now that it is public knowledge.

To learn more you will have to buy this book when it is published, or read my non fiction historical novel "A Wolf Among Sheep" when it is published.  But I will tell you exactly what I think about Peyton Brien.  In Rochdale he was a vain and self-indulgent poser and exhibitionist.  He also suffered from narcissism.  Other than his paid maintenance work he seemed incapable of doing anything else whatsoever.  He never contributed anything to Rochdale.  His top priority was to have a good time.  This Yankee draft dodger punched Candy Kane in the face.  When he told King Bill and me that he helped evict the speed freaks from Rochdale in the early days, we both looked at Peyton like he was a bullshitter, because we knew he was not in Rochdale at that time.  Bill's disbelief was quite conspicuous because he was very involved in the evictions and knew Peyton was not.  Peyton bullshits.  At several late night parties in the 15th Floor Commune I saw Kareem crawling along the floor drinking beer from bottles he found, and I considered Peyton and Marcia to be criminally incompetent unfit parents.

Now Peyton is an ugly old failure who has never accomplished anything.  He's probably too old to deny his incest crime, but if he wants to play hardball with me he should remember that it is suicide to fuck with a wolf.  I produced a music video explaining Peyton's crime, and I can upload it to Youtube in a few minutes.  My readership on the internet is in the millions.  Over the years I have submitted reports and complaints to government officials, and they are all still on file.  Peyton is dead in the water right now, and I truly want him dead for what he did.  Both Kareem and myself are victims of Peyton and Marcia.

Also in the same Facebook group and a "friend" of shithead Cindy Ellison Boyko is David Witton, who stole 3 of my one-of-kind floor plans from this website to add to his shitty group.  Because they are one-of-kind, I own them and Dave Witton the thief stole them from me.  So I must inform you that in Rochdale Dr. Bob Call told me all about Dave's younger brother Rick, whom I met.  Rick was an underage gay prostitute in Mexico and had many adventures.  To learn more you will have to buy this book when it is published, or read my non fiction historical novel "A Wolf Among Sheep" when it is published.

Facebook Cyber-Rochdalians invaded the "Yorkville Village" group on Facebook in 2012, although they were never in Yorkville.  My chapter on Yorkville inspired them to join and destroy the Yorkville group.  One asshole even admitted he was never in Yorkville, then quoted my work as justification for joining.  In their senility Facebook Cyber-Rochdalians are attempting to re-write history and include themselves in the Yorkville community they were never part of.  My full definition of Rochdalian is:  "Sleazy, obnoxious phonies who invade each other's privacy.  The phoniest thing about them is their friendship."  This applies perfectly to what the sleazy Facebook Cyber-Rochdalians have done to the Yorkville group.  They have invaded the privacy of the former Villagers, offered their phoney friendship and now imagine that they were part of Yorkville Village in the 1960's.  Yorkville hippies did not move into Rochdale, the college didn't interest them, and it is silly bullshit to suggest anything otherwise.  It is insane for Facebook Cyber-Rochalians to use Facebook as a time machine back to the 1960's and attempt to form an alliance with Facebook Villagers.  I never saw anyone in Rochdale from Yorkville, the Village was never mentioned in Rochdale, but now that I have written the definitive account of Yorkville Village, the Rochdale phonies imagine they were there.  It would be more appropriate for the Facebook Cyber-Rochdalians to join the Mickey Mouse Club.  They are too fucked up to go to Alcoholics Anonymous where they belong.

A good example of bullshit regarding Yorkville is in a post by bourgeois Rochdalian Walter Dmytrenko, who referred to some published bullshit: "David DePoe's Yorkville was a place that blared Janis Joplin, smelled of marijuana smoke and buzzed with talk of political and social change."  NO!  Who dreamed up this crazy fantasy?  Dmytrenko cannot comprehend a society without leaders.  David DePoe was a cabdriver who imagined he was leader of Yorkville, but hippie ideology rejected leadership.   Most Villagers resented David DePoe because he was the fucking enemy.  Janis Joplin's music did not blare in Yorkville.  There was no music in the street, and there was live music in the coffee houses.  No Janis Joplin music.  There was never any smell of marijuana on the street or in the coffee houses of Yorkville.  Never!  Too many cops, and hippies didn't use drugs habitually in the 1960's.  Hippies in Yorkville did not talk about politics and social change.  The few self-appointed leaders known as Diggers, which included DePoe, were interested in politics and social change.  Hippies were into art and not interested in that shit, and they were not interested in unelected self-important David DePoe.  He had zero credibility because he was on the payroll of the Canadian government and therefore disqualified as a hippie.   DePoe was the enemy, not even the enemy within because hippies had contempt for all he represented.  I am writing about his leadership position only, because DePoe was a very fine person with the best of intentions who did much good in Yorkville.

I have concluded that the Yorkville facebook group is now phoney and sick since it was destroyed by Facebook Rochdalians.  It has exhausted itself and is dead.  Nobody who lived in Yorkville now uses the group.  The typical posts in the group are irrelevant things such as "Proper Grammar" and ancient teeny bopper songs meant for kids.  The Yorkville group members are now mostly senile teeny boppers who have never grown up, and most of them were never in Yorkville Village.  They steal my material from this website, including my ideas.  THE MOTHERFUCKING PARASITES STEAL FROM MY FUCKING WEBSITE.  It makes me furious when they steal my work and reminds me of how many assholes hung out in Yorkville.  As of February 18, 2013 it became a "closed" group, meaning it's a private club for members only – the exact opposite of how Yorkville Village was.  The group is the opposite of what Yorkville was and is a fascist shit hole of mostly phonies with teeny bopper obsessions who are totally ignorant about Yorkville.  Like the Rochdale facebook groups, it's very annoying for me to read incorrect bullshit in their group.  If you want to know the truth about Yorkville and Rochdale it's in this book of mine, and definitely not in Facebook groups.

The ideas in this book are MY IDEAS.  Do not steal them.  This book is for educational purposes, but it is not a source for parasites to steal my work.  Ideas cannot be copyrighted, but I have elaborated on my ideas so they are concrete enough to be more than what the law considers "mere ideas".  Therefore, the ideas in this book are copyrighted.  They are legally "inventions" and intellectual property, completely protected by copyright law.  Do not steal them or I will take action and destroy you for your criminality.  My role as a non fiction writer is to educate.  Over 90% of my work is research.  Writing is the easy part.  Don't steal my work, or I will make fucking sure you regret it.

Update:  The Facebook Yorkville phonies continue to steal material and ideas from MY website here.  Time for this wolf to summon the pack to rip their motherfucking faces off.  It's not a pretty sight, but it gets the job done.

Now the two Rochdale Facebook groups are more authentic than the Yorkville Village group.  The two groups have mostly Rochdalians as members, I recognize some of them, but most are "filler" who were never part of Rochdale.  They discuss (gossip about) other Rochdalians or events.  But their ignorance and errors annoy me.  The Yorkville group has degenerated into a group of phonies, including Rochdalians, who were never part of Yorkville.  They post teeny bopper crap and links to teeny bopper Rock songs that have no connection with Yorkville.  It's basically a forum for ancient teeny bopper songs.

Regarding Facebook, I cannot stress enough that there would be no Yorkville Village or Rochdale College groups without it.  No cyber Villagers and no cyber Rochdalians.  It is a big mistake for members of these groups to think the situation will continue indefinitely.  Facebook constantly changes things, and they could and probably will change the groups so that the Yorkville and Rochdale groups cannot function.  More importantly, Facebook is rapidly becoming passé , and will soon be as relevant as MySpace.

I have not visited any Facebook groups since 2013.  This Lone Wolf is not sociable, and I only entered the groups for research purposes.  But there is no information in any of the groups since the Rochdale phonies invaded and destroyed the Yorkville Village group.  Now the Yorkville and Rochdale Facebook groups annoy and nauseate me.  The little "information" there is not credible or useful for me.

The only reason I was involved with Yorkville Village and Rochdale College is because they suddenly appeared in my Annex neighbourhood where I grew up.  Possibly I would have visited Yorkville to hear live music if it had been located elsewhere.  However, I would never have even visited Rochdale if it had not been located in my neighbourhood.  To me it was just inexpensive housing in my neighbourhood with "no silly rules".  I hated the phonies, druggies, American tourists, Canadian hicks and assholes there.  It was too self-indulgent.  Recreational drugs did not interest me and the "educational" aspect of Rochdale did not appeal to me, especially since I could clearly see it was non-existent bullshit.  The hippie movement was dead by the time Rochdale College got on its feet, and the hippyism there was a phoney perverted anachronism.  "Peace, Love and Groovy" was replaced with sleaze, alcoholism, drug abuse, drug dealing and self-indulgent hedonism
.  The "V" finger peace sign was popular in Yorkville, and the "bird" gesture, meaning "fuck you", was common in Rochdale.  Yorkville Village and Rochdale were completely different and in this case polar opposites.

I am constantly amazed that Rochdalians are still obsessed with a so-called college they destroyed completely 40 years ago.  The overwhelming majority of these former Rochdalians are not from Toronto, not in Toronto now, and when they lived in Rochdale College they did not really live in Toronto.  These Canadian hicks and American tourists who lived in Rochdale 40 years ago now live thousands of miles away, yet have an obscenely phoney attachment to the shit hole.  When will the motherfuckers grow up?  The answer is obvious:  it is too late because they are fucking senile crackpots obsessed with a fantasy Rochdale that never existed.  I have complete contempt for them and don't take them seriously for one second.  For the writing of this book, it would be an ideal situation if they were all fucking dead!  No libel laws to contend with, no theft of my work here, and no interference with the research and writing of this book by those sleazy obnoxious phonies.  And of course their expectations are that I will write about the bullshit fantasies they believe in.  NO!  Only the truth.

For my "Rochdale College" book I can tell you:
1) My goal is to write the definitive book on the subject
2) Some of the residents in Rochdale did not belong there
3) Many of the residents in Rochdale were phonies
4) I will shit on the bourgeois Rochdale elite
5) The army of American draft dodgers was a mistake
6) Like most people in the world I hate Americans
7) The book is for posterity, not for Rochdalians
8) I always write the truth
9) I don't like most people and I hate Rochdalians
10) My name is Wolf, not Pollyanna

The completed book will have much more content than this free internet version.  For example, it will include the complete coronation speech of King James I of Rochdale and several photos of the cast of the "Unknown Student" sculpture.

If you lived in Rochdale and want your quote about the place in this book, just email me your name and quote to  You can also send me any information, newsletters and documents if you wish.

Four people I would like to contact for names I cannot remember are:
Candy Gillespie and Donna Gillespie from Yorkville Village
Doug Hutchings from Rochdale College

A former member of a Rochdale commune was concerned about "privacy" and wrote to me that "I can't or won't tell you much about the goings on behind the doors of the Ashram...overall, it's generally a respect for the 'family' we were."  No. The commune in question was extremely invasive of the privacy of others in Rochdale, including me.  They deserve to be exposed, not given privacy, and I know all about their sex lives "behind the doors of the Ashram".  I will not write a sanitized Disney version of anything.  For this book I sometimes feel like a Judge at the Gates to Heaven and Hell.  It's not a job I enjoy or want, but it's a necessary part of writing this book.  I do not write bullshit.  Rochdale was filled with sleazy obnoxious phonies and that's what goes in the book.  It's impossible to be respectful of phonies.  I have a very strong conscience, and it tells me to expose the phonies.  Fortunately most chapters of the book are entirely positive because thousands of wonderful people lived in Rochdale over the years.

My intent is to present an accurate account of Rochdale College.  It was a great mistake for me to ever get involved with that Americanized pathological anachronism, but I can write a better book than anyone else because I grew up in the Rochdale neighbourhood and lived in Rochdale.  Furthermore, I was the last editor of the Rochdale College newsletter, and I probably own the largest collection of Rochdale documents.  Some are one of a kind, the only ones in existence.  There is a possibility that I will complete this book but not publish it for several years.  Unlike my other books, it cannot be made into a movie so there's no money in it, and it will always conflict with my show biz image.  But I will add more material to this free website version.  My books, Guides, and songs are my children and the "Rochdale College" book is the "black sheep of the family" bastard.

To give you an idea of the importance of this book, the most popular link to a chapter has had 868 views.  (Chapters not links on this website have many more views, most notably the "Yorkville Village" chapter which is extremely popular and is the main source of Yorkville information on the internet.)

On the internet I have over a dozen unique Guides.  They are on various topics, but they are all the only such Guides in the world, which is why I researched and wrote them.  My most popular Guide as of July 9, 2014 has had
1,271,025 views.  Another has had almost as many.  All the others have had over 100,000 views.  Do I have problems with my Guides and other writings?  Yes, many problems.  Information gets stolen, and one entire Guide was stolen!  Furthermore, because my Guides are so popular, others use my Guide titles, but usually attach a parasitic "Forum" with my Guide title for ignorant assholes to comment on my work.  Other parasites post blogs about my work and criticize it.  Believe me, if you have published something very popular, motherfucking assholes always crawl out of the woodwork and jump on your bandwagon to destroy it.  A Google search for my second most popular Guide brings up mostly parasitic posts by assholes.  The best protective solution is to put things on a genuine website.  But I own six websites now, and it's too complicated with too much work and expense to have more websites.

If you were me and had this Rochdale book with its most popular chapter link of 868 views, and your most popular Guide had
1,271,025 views, what would you think?   What I think is this book is not worth wasting my time and energy on because it has no readership potential.  I don't give a shit about it, and I don't give a shit what you think about it.  This book is mine, but it's a waste of time and money, and I hate the phonies and old Rochdale lies I have to write about.

This unfinished book is the most popular source of information about Rochdale College on the internet, but there is simply very little interest in Rochdale College.  That situation is not going to change.  Because there are very few readers, it doesn't matter much what I write about Rochdale and Rochdalians, does it?  Projectionist Reg Hartt has posted at least half a dozen blogs on the internet attacking me because I wrote the truth about the gay capitalist sociopath for this book.  However, as of February 19, 2013 there have been only 421 views of what I wrote.  That's nothing compared to my Guide with

Reg Hartt did not live in Rochdale, it was just another place for him to earn a living showing movies, a safe place for him to over-charge patrons to watch his hard core porn films.  Hartt had been getting away with his "Director of Cinema Studies" bullshit and is furious that I have exposed the uneducated amateur projectionist as a capitalist exploiter who did not live in Rochdale.  For years he pretended to be a founding father of Rochdale and passed arrogant judgments on all things Rochdalian.  He has a Hollywood fantasy that he was on the Faculty of Rochdale College as Professor of Cinema Studies who overcharged his "students" to watch hard core pornography.  But Hartt was not a Rochdalian because he did not live in Rochdale, completely misunderstand the place, and he was gay in ultra homophobic Rochdale – which disqualified him from being a Rochdalian.  He knows that, which is why he hides in the closet despite the overwhelming evidence (including his own admission at a GovCon meeting) that he is gay.  The ever devious Hartt says, "I don't believe in gay."   Presumably he believes in cocksucking and ass fucking, but not the gay subculture.  I don't believe a fucking word he says or attempts to write.  It's obvious he believes his own bullshit.  Hartt the shithead seems to think that nobody is allowed to criticize his outrageous bullshit, but he is dead wrong.  I wish he were just dead and forgotten, which is his inevitable fate.

Another gay Rochdalian, self-centred crackpot Don Holyoak, has posted many vicious blogs of insulting bullshit about me because I mentioned that he can't write properly in a rant not about him that has a total of 367 views.  He is now cyber-stalking me with a campaign of defamation.  His libelous and defamatory blogs appear on a Google search for my show biz name along with those by Reg Hartt.  Holyoak was a spaced-out gay teeny bopper ward of the Chilren's Aid Society who lived in Rochdale for a few months in 1969.  He did fuck all.  Now he imagines he is "famous" and can criminally libel and cyberstalk me on the internet with impunity.  I will destroy that malignant swine.  He's a childish and sick perverted failure with shit for brains who lived down the hall from me, so I know the truth about him.  I always visualize Don Holyoak with a bullet in the head and I will celebrate his death.

Nobody else has done this evil to me, only Rochdalians.  I hate motherfucking Rochdalians and all Rochdalians are going to suffer because of the defamation by these two malicious cocksuckers and others from Rochdale.  Do you expect me to write anything good about Rochdale after all the abuse, libel and defamation I have suffered?  No!  I will destroy Rochdale once and for all and enjoy doing it.  Thank God they closed that sleazy shit hole.

I have been threatened with death by two Rochdalians (Marcia Whitford and Mad Mary Stephens) who then had me stalked and threatened with death by a gang of Rochdalians.  It went on for years and I was deliberately hit by cars several times by these motherfucking Rochdalians.  One almost killed me, but I was saved by my superior cyclying skills.  A witness said, "He tried to kill you!"  I have been ripped off for about $1000 by Rochdalians (Brian Grieveson, King Bill).  I have been physically and criminally assaulted by a dozen motherfucking Rochdalians (Alex MacDonald, Fergie, Brian Grieveson).  I could go on bitching, but the God's truth is I hate motherfucking Rochdalians and I truly want them all fucking dead.
Rochdale motherfuckers and cocksuckers:  I am a writer and the world's leading expert on Rochdale College, and you are not.  This book will be read 100 years after your death.  Whatever I choose to write about you becomes you, because I completely control your reputation for all time.  Think about that before you fuck with me, and also remember that I have never comprehended the concept of "forgiveness".  In fact, I have a reputation for holding grudges.  It comes with my exceptional memory.  Furthermore, you don't need a reminder that I am not shy about using motherfucking profanity or deliberately destroying assholes who fuck with me.  Consider this a warning and a promise from a potentially vicious wolf with no conscience, only a love for truth and a hatred for Rochdalians.

A check of traffic to this website did not come up with anything.  That means most visitors are Rochdalians.  I will not write a book for motherfucking Rochdalians because I hate the sleazy obnoxious phonies.  By mid 1970 Rochdale was over, played out, and washed up.  It was a mistake for me to move back in after that time, and this website book was also a mistake.  Rochdale was an anachronism, now it's irrelevant, and in the future it will be a tiny footnote in obscure history books.  Therefore, I may not finish this book soon.  If all Rochdalians were dead, it would be the only incentive for me to finish this book.  Probably I will add more to this website, and leave it on the internet as a convenient research resource for me to finish my non fiction historical novel "A Wolf Among Sheep".

At this time I am sick to death of researching, thinking and writing about Rochdale College.  Re-writing my novel "A Wolf Among Sheep" has been easy and fun, except for the last half which is mostly about Rochdale.  It is an unpleasant and very difficult nightmare.  Therefore, I shelved "A Wolf Among Sheep" and re-wrote my non fiction historical novel "Overland", about my adventures traveling from Istanbul to India and beyond.  Now I'm back working on "A Wolf Among Sheep".  After that comes this "Rochdale College" book.  I have to re-think it before I re-write it, because I truly hate the motherfucking Cyber-Rochdalians on Facebook who imagine they somehow represent Rochdale College.  They are simply elderly American tourists and Canadian hicks who comprise much less than .001 % of the people who passed through Rochdale.  Furthermore, I believe most of these Facebook Cyber-Rochalians were "filler" in Rochdale.

This book is for posterity.  In other words, it is a history book about the dead to be read by those who are not yet born.  I don't give a shit about the Cyber-Rochdalians or how they have tried to demonize me for writing the truth.  Writers always have the last word.  

Why have I told you all of this?  Simply because the wolf always makes its presence known to its prey.  Although I am a vegetarian pacifist, I am also one of the world's leading authorities on the wolf – author of my book "The Wolf" and spokeswolf for the internet "Wolf Anti-Defamation League".  No, I have not been influenced by wolves, I just noticed early in life that I have many characteristics of a lone wolf.  It is normal and natural for a wolf to become a "disperser" or lone wolf and leave its pack to find a better pack.  However, I am more like a true lone wolf, a rare animal that never joins a pack and is considered the most dangerous wolf.  It would be wise for you not to forget that about me.

I have 4 websites, over 20 Guides, a book I'm working on, and other things that are more important to me than this Rochdale nightmare.  My most popular internet Guide has well over 1,000,000 readers, but my Rochdale stuff has a few thousand readers.  The Guide gets more readers in one day than this website will ever get.  The book is the least important work of mine in terms of readership, although it has cost me the most and has taken the most of my time and energy.  That's what Rochdale was like:  insignificant bullshit that took over my life.
I would like you sleazy obnoxious phonies to consider the following:
1) I am the only person who ever lived in Rochdale who grew up in the Rochdale area.
2) I was living in Rochdale before you learned about it in the media.
3) I did very much for Rochdale, and I was the last editor of the Rochdale newsletter.
4) I was one of the last people evicted from Rochdale, on May 15, 1975.
5) With millions of readers on the world wide internet, I am probably the most well known person who ever lived in Rochdale.
6) Everything about Rochdale was a disappointment and a bad influence for me.
7) I have already written the definitive account of Rochdale College.

For those of you who can remember this website before parasitic assholes forced me to shut it down, and if you thought I was hypercritical and insulting, I would like you to know something.  Because it was on the internet I knew most readers were Rochdalians, and it was like writing with them looking over my shoulder.  Therefore, I went out of my way to be "nice" whenever possible.  I wrote complimentary and neutral things about assholes I hate.  For example, this page was formerly a photo gallery of Rochdalians and I deliberately made it a very pleasant fantasy of Rochdale College.  But it was bullshit and it made me feel phoney and dishonest.  My book will not compromise and I will make no attempt to be "nice" about assholes.  I will write only the truth, even if it is brutal and ugly.  For example, my neighbour Margot Cross was nicknamed "Maggot" by our neighbour Jim Brennan.  Until recently I completely rejected mentioning that in the book.  However, the way Margot Cross treated me, especially after the building closed, has earned her the nickname "Maggot".  I will mention Jim Brennan's nickname for her that nobody else ever used.

The bottom line is it was a major mistake for me to ever live in or visit Rochdale College, and it was a mistake for me to start this book.  But I will finish the book and expose the "college" for what it was.  I'm not the least bit interested in the few remaining senile Rochdalians.  They are irrelevant and already dead for me.  Frankly, I'm mostly concerned about the difficult research ahead.

© 2014 Wolf Sullivan