Rochdale College   341 Bloor Street West   Toronto

Unknown Student on front plaza, installed April 4, 1969

Dirty Dan McCue

Party    Second Floor Lounge

General Meeting    Second Floor Lounge   1973

Mike Donaghy  Michael Burns  Charlotte Von Bezold   Jane Barnett   Ceildh   Cathy Johnson

Michael Burns   Mike Donaghy   Jane Barnett    Ceildh   Cathy Johnson   Bob Naismith

Dan Kelley   Ed Apt   Derek Heinzerling   Alan Reed

Derek Heinzerling

Unknown Student cast    January 1969

Derek Heinzerling

Ed Apt

Coronation of King James I of Rochdale, April 4, 1969

Howard Adelman

Dennis Lee

Lionel Douglas

Judith Merril   late 1968

Ed Apt   1969

Laurie Peters and her Murals in the Main Elevator Lobby

Rochdale Security

Al Masy   Rochdale Security

Billy Littler   Rochdale Security

Disturbance outside Rochdale College August 16, 1970

Rochdalians celebrate on front patio after police raid 1970

Elizabeth Stewart   Margaret Reid (guitar)  December 5, 1968

Jack Dimond   College Registrar   1969

Bernie Bomers   Building Manager   1969

Front Patio   April 26, 1969

6th Floor Ashram Commune:  Anna   Martin Burns   Peter Young   Tays Ludescher   Ian MacMillan   Susan Rogers

13th Floor Ashram Commune 1973:  Jane Barnett   Ceildh   Michael Burns   Walter Dmytrenko   Marti Scheel   Art Jacobs   Kathy Martin

14th Floor Commune 1970:   Nicky Morrison   Brendan   Mike Donaghy   Ian Argue

14th Floor Commune

15th Floor Commune 1974:  Frank McGarret   John Taylor   Simon Liston   Mike Randell

15th Floor Commune 1974:  Rob Higgins   Wolf Sullivan   Susan Rogers   Margot Cross   Heather MacFarlane  

15th Floor Commune 1974:  Trish Flint   Coco Cromwell

15th Floor Commune 1974:  John Panter   Tim Allen's girlfriend   Alex MacDonald   Sam Field

15th Floor Commune 1974:  Nickie Ashley   Sammy

Acorn Daycare  626

Allen Ginsberg   September 12, 1970

Jerry Rubin   February 28, 1969

Norman Mailer

Alice Cooper

Steve Miller


Donnie Walsh   Downchild Blues Band

Geddy Lee   RUSH

John Mills-Cockell and Syrinx

Rudy Hierck   Drummer   Rochdale Security

Rhythm Rockets   Second Floor Lounge

Jean Genet

Xaviera Hollander

Donald Hugh Fergusson (Fergie)    Craps

Bill King

Cindy Lei

Rochdale College basement Dance 1968

Rochdale College basement Dance 1968

Rochdale College basement Dance 1968

Don Holyoak   1969

Stan Bevington  1968

Stan Bevington

Mike Donaghy

Unknown Student  1969


Alex MacDonald

Bob Naismith   Pierre Berton

Kevin O'Leary or Brian Lumley

Peter Turner   Lionel Douglas

Mike Randell

Jay Boldizsar

Nickie Ashley

Stuart Spore

Pat Rogers

Tom Ward

Jim Washington   People's Institute of Aviation

amateur projectionist and bullshitter Reg Hartt

Dirty Dan McCue

Mike Randell   Jay Boldizsar   (protester Emma Kauffman)

Ed Apt's personal Sculpture Shop located on Huron St. just south of Rochdale and close to Coach House Press.  It became the Rochdale College Welding Shop.

Walter Dmytrenko   Cindy Lei   Syd Stern   Jay Boldizsar   Rosie (Robert W. Rowbotham)

John Bradford   Jack Jones   Wilfrid Pelletier   Paul Evitts

Rochdale Roof

Outside Nature's Way Health Food Store   (front patio)

Rochdalians around Unknown Student with effigy

Funk helps burn effigy

Riot    July 30, 1974

Henry Polard   Bill King   Syd Stern   Animal Dick Barnes

Wolf Sullivan   Chuck Cassity   Cindy Lei  Cathy Johnson   Ceildh  

Rochdale College Library

Dirty Dan McCue

Martin Burns

Police officers   Walter Dmytrenko     (Main Lobby)

Etherea Natural Foods Vegetarian Restaurant

Mike Randell

Rochdale Security outside building on Bloor St.

The Greenies invade Rochdale on September 14, 1972

Ashram Lounge 1969  Probably Rochdale Summer Festival

Main Lobby

Last meeting    Rochdale Roof     May 1975

Last meeting    Rochdale Roof     May 1975

And so we bid a fond farewell to Rochdale College, the last bastion of the 1960's hippie movement.


"Rochdale College" is a partially completed book about the notorious neo-hippie subculture in Rochdale College located in Toronto.  It was the last bastion of the 1960's hippie movement which died in 1970, although Rochdale stumbled on as a hippie drug store until 1975.  The book is an exposé of the hicks, sleazy obnoxious phonies and "ugly American" tourists who called themselves Rochdalians.  It will prove there was no education in Rochdale College, which was controlled and grossly mismanaged by bourgeois elitist pigs.  Virtually none of them were from Toronto, which they remained completely ignorant about.  My book is nothing like this internet version.  Half of what is in this internet version of my book is irrelevant.  There will be no photos and I will destroy Rochdale College by exposing it for what it was.  I will also destroy many of the assholes who infested Rochdale by exposing them – but also praise people such as Judy Merril, Ed Apt, Laurie Peters, Cindy Lei, and Dan McCue.  It's an exposé, and my job is to reveal the truth about Rochdale.

The entries here are left-overs from the research of two of my other books, and they must be rewritten as chapters.  Currently they are written as internet entries, sometimes deliberately meant to shock, outrage and amuse.  There is some profanity occasionally, and this will be dealt with during the rewrite.  That does not necessarily mean there will be less shocking content and profanity, but it will be much more effective.  No attempt will be made to make the book conventional, bourgeois and polite, because Rochdale College was not.  I'm working on another book before this one, so the book will not be published until after 2014.  In fact, it may not be published for many years. 

Rochdale College diplomas began with "National Share the Wealth with Rochdale Week" (April 1 to 7, 1970) which proclaimed, "You've got the money Canada – we need it – please give it to us."  Anyone could obtain a BA from Rochdale by donating $25 to the college and answering a skill-testing question such as “What is the capital of Canada?”  MAs were earned by a donation of $50, and a skill-testing question of the applicant’s choice.  A PhD could be had for $100, no questions asked.  About 1000 diplomas were sold, and they were often the main source of money for Rochdale College.  They were printed at Coach House Press, the last two years by Dave Lawrence, the college printer.  Stan Bevington said, "Diplomas and degrees became a major source of income for the educational part of Rochdale.  We must have printed up about a thousand. They were hand-made and hard to do.  We made them that way because I deliberately didn't want just anybody to crank them out on a photocopier.  I actually wanted the degree to be worth something, and I think now it has pretty good collectable value."  In the fall of 1975 Stan Bevington smashed and destroyed the diploma printing plates because he said, "I don't want to flog a dead horse."

 Rochdale College's internal bartering currency, the Rochdollar

Daily July 16, 1969

1970 article about diplomas and Rochdollars

345 Bloor Street West circa 1909, the location of Rochdale College.  The house was owned by Dr. A. R. Gordon and the architect was F. S. Baker.

Bloor Street West location of Rochdale College in the mid 1960's.  The white building is a pharmacy.